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About Giannades

The west side of Corfu,is separated from the sea from a beatifull green sidehill,there it lies the graphic village of Giannades.From 135 metres over the sea level the habitants of this beautifull Corfiot village observe Ropa valley,the lowest and most flat area of Corfu .They watch the green fields ,many villages ,houses and hills.In addition the view reaches the mountain of Pantokratoras the highest mountain of Corfu.

Ancient land so real and well preserved !Visit Giannades during your stay in Corfu and you will not regret it.
Before you enter the village ,you have already done a ride in the green ropa valley.Next you will reach the hills the west coast of Corfu ,whereas the landscape is of outstanding beauty .For hours you can wander in the graphic alleys of this beatifull place of Corfu.You will see with admiration the renovated square ,the old village houses each one telling its own story .The village holds on to the character it used to had with a scent of another era.

At the square you will find some nice restaurants,bars and taverns.Also you will find mini markets and a post office. After walking in the square, where local people gather, you will experience the good heart and hospitallity of the locals. Do not miss visiting the church of St.Nicholas taking a road to the right just before reaching the square .

Village Photo Gallery

Take a look at the beauty of Giannades.

Inside the village

Tristrato cafe-bar

St.Nischolas church

View from the hill

Lets walk the alleys

Awesome view

Village Map

When you come to Giannades it may be usefull to take a look at this custom made map .It has all the major places and usefull services like free parking.If you are planning to visit Giannades or the surrounding you can save this map on your account .The map will be updated with places and routes to the territories around the village.

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